People and the Crisis 2010-2014

In these hard times, being in this economic, social, political, humanitarian, cultural crisis in Greece (people committing suicide, going hungry and not (even) having electricity and jobs) what is really the role of Art?

What can painting do?

How does the painter, who is cured via his art, how can he try to show the others a way to see the world differently? These are paintings I have been working on since 2011. They are presented in this web-exhibition and comment on the period of the memorandums.

Paintings that “tell” this miserable situation in which foreign bankers, usurious financial institutions (the so called “markets”) and their domestic “counterparts” have put us in. After familiarizing us with loans (without (apparent) reason), now they ask for the owed plus interest. But the money was lost between the stock-market (2000), the 2004 Olympic Games, and all those who have governed Greece in the last 40 years.

These are paintings either realistically portraying this situation or abstract works with symbols and elements which describe the events and rely more on the form in order to show the content. So this work constitutes a pictorial reference to these hard 5 years of the crisis, as I lived (experienced) them and I drew them with pencils and colours.

Nikos Oikonomidis